Maintenance and Support

In today's business landscape, companies allocate more resources towards application maintenance and support rather than application development due to its continuous nature. Consequently, it becomes crucial for businesses of all sizes across the globe to seek cost-effective solutions for managing and sustaining their business systems and products. With the complexities of managing diverse landscape systems and staying up to date with niche technologies, processes, and tools, organizations must prioritize these factors for their continued progress.


At Radixitsol, our Maintenance and Support services employ agile methodologies to ensure efficient product maintenance with faster upgrades, reduced time, and optimized resource utilization. We adhere to industry best practices for maintenance services and place a strong emphasis on delivering performance and stability.


By leveraging our expertise in best practices, standards, and technical knowledge, our maintenance and support services provide businesses with a hassle-free experience, allowing them to focus on their core operations with confidence.

Our various application support services

We support your requirements seamlessly by supporting you at each level

Application Management

Incident Management

Preventative maintenance

Version upgrades and enhancements

Performance tuning and optimization

Release management, DevOps Support, Tech Support, 24×7 Monitoring, Incident handling, Demo & Training, Website maintenance